Giants of the Bay
09/03/2013 06:30
Giants of the Bay is a big, bold race, for people with big hearts who want to help the Autism cause. Our plan is to make this a world-wide signature event for Autism Spectrum Disorders. While we know how much training goes into an event like this and we plan to acknowledge competitors efforts, the bigger picture of raising awareness of Autism is the primary focus of the event. Basic facts Date - Saturday 9th March Location - Portarlington to Point Lonsdale Distance - 30km (some tidal assistance) Water temperature - 17-20 Degrees Celsius Wetsuits allowed but time penalty incurred (1 minute per km) All swimmers require a boat and kayaker (details on website) Start time - 6am (To be confirmed) Categories - solo, duo, teams of 4, teams of 6 Entries open on 1st December, 2012, 9am (EST)
1 Swim at this event:
Portarlington to Point Lonsdale

Event Director

Grant Siedle

Contact Telephone

+61 (0) 423 118 036